Pulsating skin performance. Photos Santiago Villar Martín.

Pulsating skin performance. Photos Santiago Villar Martín.

Darmstadt Summer Course

Posted on August 1, 2021

Justina attended Darmstadt Summer Course – the international platform for contemporary and experimental musical practices and composition. Her new piece Pulsating skin for 4 snare drums and electronics was performed by Pablo Mena Escudero, Federico Tramontana, Romane BouffiouxCorentin Barro and Justina Repeckaite herself by the Saint Ludwig church in Darmstadt. It was part of the workshop Music in the City led by Christian Dierstein, Francoise Rivalland, David Helbich & Cathy Milliken.

Program note of Pulsating skin 13″

4 snare drums have transducers – small loud-speakers that transmits sound towards the interior of the instrument, attached to their skin. Sound is being sent to drums that act like resonating bodies manipulated by human touch. These harmonies are inspired by the physical models, the resonance of a circular membrane tuned to a snare drum frequency. Performers illuminate the sounds they are hearing (and feeling!) with no score to follow. The pulses that guide musicians are created from a superposition of slightly different frequencies as the sound alternately interfere constructively and destructively thus creating pulsation (beats). Snare drums radiate mechanical pulses characteristic to the city combined with allusions to the nature still present in urban surroundings.

Performance of Pulsating skin. Photo David Helbich.

Performance of Pulsating skin. Photo David Helbich. Other pictures Santiago Villar Martin.

Duo Dubois also performed Repeckaite’s composition Ciclo Continuo (2021) for soprano saxophone and percussion in the Open Space of Darmstadt Summer Course , available online.

Justina’s participation at the festival was supported by i-Portunus creative mobility program.

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