photo Thierry De Mey

photo Thierry De Mey

Transduced Cursus IRCAM premiere

Posted on July 17, 2020

Transduced (2020) for percussions (3 snare drums, cymbal, Tibetan bowl), 3 transducers & electronics was recently filmed at the Center Pompidou. The piece, performed by Yannick Monnot, surrounded by radiating lights of Pauline Falourd, will be streamed on the 7-8 September during Manifeste festival, Paris. Big thanks to my tutor Jean Lochard and sound engineer Jérémie Bourgogne. The Cursus IRCAM program was challenging yet fruitful learning process for me, a truly fantastic year thanks to the unique pedagogical team. 

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My participation at Cursus IRCAM was sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania and SACEM.

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