Posted on January 22, 2014

Acupuncture (2014) for Flute (Piccolo and Alto), Clarinet (both in Bb and Bass), Piano, Violin, Alto, Cello.

Performed by Spectra Ensemble conducted by Filip Rathé. In memory of Dalia Baroniene, the acupuncture master.

This composition explores attacks of sounds, it’s continuity and motion connecting this material in a metaforic way with Acupuncture. In order to create musical ideas encoded within many levels of the music’s structure, I created the blueprint mapped from fibonacci numbers. This natural structure guides material which progress from the collective mass texture to the individual polyphonic lines for each instrument.

Acupuncture was performed by:

Spectra Ensemble conducted by Filip Rathé ,Gaida festival, Vilnius, Lithuania.
Ensemble MusikFabrikSüd, conducted by Bruno Strobl concert Expan 2016 at  Schloss Porcia, Austria.
Ensemble SurPlus  conducted by Erich Wagner at Schloss Solitude Summer Academy, Germany.
Ithaca College Contemporary Chamber Ensemble conducted by Kin Szeto at Ithaca College, NY, USA.