Duo Dubois

Duo Dubois

Ciclo Continuo

Posted on August 2, 2021

Ciclo Continuo (2021) for soprano saxophone & percussion:
prepared snare drum, singing bowls, tuning forks, crotale.

Justina Repečkaitė · Ciclo Continuo

Performed by Duo Dubois. Project More with less

Composition Ciclo Continuo seeks to achieve a hybrid organic timbre while associating atypical instruments to complement each other. A snare drum is used as a resonating body for the objects. The snare drum’s wire also serves as a saturation effect changing the timbre of metallic instruments and also reacting to the saxophone’s sound. Dyads and multiphonics are predominant in the saxophone part while pitched, but very fragile and unstable sounds are used in the percussion section. Harmony is enriched with beatings creating synergy between musicians, unfolding timeless processes. The duo plays the cycle that is on loop, an endless repetition devoid of narration, a basso continuo of an
unsung aria.

Duo Dubois performances:

DME festival, Lisbon, Portugal.
Maison22, Bologna, Italy.
SMOG festival, Bruxelles, Belgium.
Darmstadt Summer Course, Germany.
TAVERNA MODERNA festival, Padova, Italy.
LUND CONTEMPORARY biennale, Lund, Sweden.
INTER ARTS center, Mälmo, Sweden.