Opus 333

Photo by Bernard Martinez


Posted on March 2, 2020

Encierro (2019) for saxhorn quartet

Encierro was created for and recorded by the saxhorn quartet Opus 333 at the studio 104, Radio France for the radio show Création Mondiale (Alla Breve)in 2019. Listen to the podcast with more music and an interview here.

Encierro is inspired by the image of enclosed bulls before the running. With it’s systematic structure the piece reflects on the idea of a confinement.  Harmony encompasses the strict microtonal intervals like ‘almost a seventh’ or ‘almost an octave’, creating beatings and divergence from natural instrument intonation. Musicians sing in the instrument colouring the timbre and thus creating a more dramatic almost animalistic expression, searching an escape from a predetermined harmony and slowly pulsing rhythm. The piece is divided in 3 parts, exploring the low, very high and, in middle, – the non pitched registers of the saxhorn.