The Unicorn in Captivity

The Unicorn in Captivity, one of the series of seven tapestries The Hunt of the Unicorn.


Posted on June 22, 2015

Tapisserie (2015) for Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Violin, Violoncello.

Performed by Court-Circuit ensemble conducted by David Hurpeau.

Tapestry – a polychromic fabric, was an inspiration for the title of this piece of music, which has a decorative and repetitive character. According to the image of weaver’s art, the compositional principle consists of binding different attacks of sound in order to create a timbre, dynamics and rhythm polychromy in time. Piano has a decisive role and it’s strings are poetically linked to a frame on which the tapestry fabric holds. The percussive attacks of piano are orchestrated by emergence and then disappearance of other instruments. Gradually an accumulation and superposition of pulsations produce a complex rhythms and the role of each instrument is enriched.

Tapisserie was performed by:

Court-Circuit ensemble conducted by David Hurpeau, premiere in France.
Lithuanian Ensemble Network conducted by Vykintas Baltakas, concert Global LT at Gaida festival, Vilnius, Lithuania.
Platypus ensemble conducted by Jaime Wolfson, concert Im Banne der Anderen IV Mode/Textur at Echoraum, Vienna, Austria.
OSSIA ensemble conducted by Vicky Shin at Eastman School of Music, New York state, USA.
Recording submitted by Lithuania National Radio for International Rostrum of Composers in Palermo, Italy.
Construction Site conducted by Rade Pejčić concert Reflections at the 26th International Review of Composers, Belgrade, Serbia.
Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble concert The Streaming World at ISCM World Music Days, Beijing, China.
Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble concert at Sichuan Conservatory of Music Chengdu, China.
Ithaca College Contemporary Chamber Ensemble conducted by Kin Szeto at Ithaca College, NY, USA.
Spółdzielnia Muzyczna contemporary music ensemble conducted by Mateusz Rusowicz during the festival Sacrum Profanum, Cracow, Poland.
Musica Humana historical performance ensemble conducted by Robertas Beinaris at Lithuanian Academy of Music, Vilnius.

Tapisserie released in albums:

Contemporary Music Series: LithuaniaLithuanian Ensemble Network conducted by Vykintas Baltakas on iTunes.
ZOOM in 12Court-Circuit ensemble conducted by David Hurpeau.