Manuscript Ars notoria, sive Flores aurei ca. 1225

Grimoire for baritone and big ensemble

Posted on February 3, 2019

Grimoire for baritone and big ensemble was performed by Einar Þór Guðmundsson and orchestra de ereprijs.

Composition uses the multilingual text from a medieval grimoire Ars Notoria. Justina took part in the 25th Young Composers Meeting: February 25 – March 1, 2019 in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. Listen to the miniature here or on the orkest de ereprijs website.

About text of Grimoire

The text is from the medieval Solomonic grimoire Ars Notoria supposedly written by Apollonius. TheXII century version of the manuscript is Englished by Robert Turner in 1657. In the score I use it’s excerpt: the oration and instructions translated from Latin.Orations are multilinguals: Chaldean, Hebrew and Greek, described in the manuscript as mistica verba sanctarum orationum et nomina sanctorum angelorum but for modern ear sound likecorruptions of Greek, Hebrew and Arabic words. The manuscript was condemned by Aquinas because of danger that the unknown names of angels included fallen angels, who, it might be, had successfully inserted themselves into the textual tradition of theArsto seduce humanitypromising the acquisition of earthly knowledge in a very short period.Theos Megaleis an oration practiced to recover intellectual wisdom.

Original text:

rrrt sht rrt ht Ars Notoria quam Creator Altissimus Salomonu reuelauit. To recover intellectual wisdome: Theos Megale patyr, ymas heth heldya, hebeath heleotezygel, Salatyel, Salus, Telli, Samel, Zadaziel, Zadan, Sadiz Leogio, Yemegas, Mengas, Omchon Myeroym, Ezel, Ezely, Yegrogamal, Sameldach, Somelta, Sanay, Geltonama, Hanns, Simon Salte, Patyr, Osyon, Hate, Haylos, Theos Megale is mystically distorted, and miraculously and properly framed out of the Hebrew, Greek, and Chaldean Tongues: and it extendeth itself briefly into every Language, in what beginning soever they are declared.



de ereprijs

orkestra de ereprijs

Bass Flute – Grand Flute Alto Flute – Grand Flute

Bass Clarinet – Clarinet in Bb

Alto Saxophone – Sopranino Saxophone Baritone Saxophone – Sopranino Saxophone

Trumpet Horn

2 Tenor Trombones with F attachment


Electric Guitar Bass Electric Guitar


Percussion: Burma Bells, Wah-Wah Tube, Low Crotales: E, Es, Snare Drum, Low Timpano, Bass Drum, Cow Bells, Superball.

Short talk with de ereprijs trombonist  Beppie Schalken after rehearsing: