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Posted on November 12, 2020

Chartres (2012) for string orchestra will have the UK premiere played by BBC Philharmonic conducted by Ben Gernon on BBC Radio 3 Afternoon Concert at 14:00 on the 13th of November streamed live from MediaCity, Salford studio.

Full program:

Fauré: Pavane
Justina Repečkaitė: Chartres (UK premiere)
Mozart: Violin Concerto No 5 in A, K 219

“UK premiere of Justina Repečkaitė’s “Chartres”. Inspired by the Rose Stained glass window on the South side of Chartres’s gothic cathedral the music that we are about to hear mirrors the window and it’s drama and shape.The window depicts the Apocalypse as told in Saint John’s gospel. At the window’s center , – Jesus is surrounded by 8 angels and 4 evangelists, each in turn protected by 24 elders of the Apocalypse, all holding string instruments. Although the music mirrors the window I am pleased to say that BBC Philharmonic has a much more diverse representation than 24 old men holding string instruments. “Chartres” was composed and premiered in 2012 and has been performed a number of times since.

Today Ben Gernon conducts the UK premiere. He told me earlier that he admires enormously the shifting textures of the work, the slowly moving layers of sound creating the same effect as the ever changing light that illuminates the south side of the cathedral. But here is the UK premiere, of Justina Repečkaitė’s “Chartres” The BBC Philharmonic conducted by Ben Gernon.

A XIIIth century stained glass window, the depiction of the Apocalypse, brought to life in music by the BBC Philharmonic conducted by Ben Gernon in the UK premiere of Justina Repečkaitė’s “Chartres” that was performed live for us here in Salford as part of today’s Afternoon concert on the BBC Radio 3.”

Presenter Tom Redmond