More with less - Duo Dubois

More with less - Duo Dubois

Duo Dubois’ tour

Posted on May 31, 2021

Duo Dubois starts their European tour More with less with Justina’s premiere of Ciclo Continuo for soprano saxophone and percussion.

More with less is curated by Hertzbreakerz / Ars Nova Malmö with the financial support of Musikverket. The commission of Justina’s new piece is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania.

Check the trailer of the program :

Justina Repeckaite – Ciclo Continuo for soprano saxophone and percussion 9’30”

Jonatan SersamPlatform Findings for trunk and saxophone 7′

Alessandro PeriniHow to conjure the spirit of Lucy in three steps, via telephone for 2 performers & electronics 9’30”

Francesco Del NeroAutoritratto di un’aria for saxophone, percussion and midi controller 8′

Simone CortiSongs from the trunk for alto sax, Kaosspad and percussion 11′

Federico Tramontana (perc) & Alberto Cavallaro (sax).

Duo Dubois : Federico Tramontana (perc) & Alberto Cavallaro (sax).

More with less tour:

at 18h in Red Room, INTER ARTS center, Mälmo, Sweden.
LUND CONTEMPORARY biennale, Lund, Sweden.
TAVERNA MODERNA festival, Padova, Italy.
SMOG festival, Bruxelles, Belgium.
Maison22, Bologna, Italy.
DME festival, Lisbon, Portugal.
…and more