cover of the book Microtonal Music in Central and Eastern Europe

Microtonal Music in Central and Eastern Europe

Microtonal Music in Central and Eastern Europe

Posted on July 17, 2020

Exemples of Justina’s systematic quarter-tone approach to composition featuring pre-compositional charts and score reductions of her compositions Tapisserie, Acupuncture and Pulsus Flatus Vox appear in Rima Povilioniene‘s article From Tone Inflection to Microdimensional Glissando: Observations on Microtonal Manner in Contemporary Lithuanian Music

The publication of the first e-edition is available for free on e-knjige website!

Few phrases from Rima Povilioniene‘s conclusions:

“Thus, summarizing the manifestation of microtones in Lithuanian works, the most common cases represent the ornamentation or inflection of traditional sounds and chord harmonies and the application of transitional tones and special attention to glissando requiring expression of the microtonal composition (among such composers – the discussed examples from ‘70s and ‘80s and recent by Barkauskas, Juozapaitis, Nakas, Germanavičius, Narbutaitė, Baranauskas, Janulytė). On the other hand, few authors maintain a consistent path in creating rationally constructed compositions and yet maintain the energy of expression (such as Mažulis and Repečkaitė).”
The chapter is from the new book Microtonal Music in Central and Eastern Europe, Historical Outlines and Current Practices edited by Leon Stefanija and Rūta Stanevičiūtė.