photo Thierry De Mey

photo Thierry De Mey

Transduced Cursus IRCAM premiere

Posted on July 17, 2020

             Transduced (2020) for percussions (3 snare drums, cymbal, Tibetan bowl), 3 transducers & electronics was filmed at the Center Pompidou. The piece, performed by Yannick Monnot, surrounded by radiating lights of Pauline Falourd, was streamed on the 7-8 September during Manifeste festival, Paris. Big thanks to my tutor Jean Lochard and sound engineer Jérémie Bourgogne. The Cursus IRCAM program was challenging yet fruitful learning process for me, a truly fantastic year thanks to the unique pedagogical team. My participation at Cursus IRCAM was sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania and SACEM.

Programme Note

Transduced seeks to make the snare drums radiate. Pre-recorded brief percussive gestures are injected to snare drums via transducers mirroring the musician, while instrument’s vibrational modes are later translated into the resonating harmony. Ratios of theoretical modes of an ideal circular membrane tuned to a fundamental snare drum frequency (182 Hz) create harmony and also serve as pulses for the rhythm in the score. Spatialisation movements are created from figures showing nodal and circular lines of the first 12 modes.
Divergence between noise and inharmonicity is expressed in resonance models which range from noise with comb-like filter to filtered harmony of a theoretical membrane, from measured mode frequencies of different parts of a snare drum, to analysed harmony of a saturated cymbal.
Transduced explores the inner relationship between physical models from the snare drum used in the electronics part and electronics transferred back to snare drums inviting to experience the imagined atmosphere of being inside the instrument itself. 

Justina Repeckaite